I joined Sam Taylor in 1974, specializing in black and white darkroom lab work. We began shooting weddings and PR events; and when we moved to a bigger space, opened a photographic studio. The studio grew to eventually incorporate a 32-foot-wide cyc wall and we handled large equipment catalogs and many projects for national firms and advertising agencies. We processed B&W and color silver photographs. Owning all the processing machines and several darkrooms with many enlargers up to 8x10 format made the original foray into digital capture seem prohibitively expensive and frankly not very high quality. We relied on our experience and ability to design, light, and expose the highest quality images on film, with the alternative choice of scanning to a digital file for post-production.

Eventually the digital arena encompassed cameras and software that became the mainstream path to capture images for all end uses. More affordable and user-friendly systems with seemingly limitless application brought me kicking and screaming into a new era. Now, after 15 years of digital capture under my belt, I find it hard to imagine any other way to move from idea to final purpose in the imaging process.

I have found that photography is first and foremost an act of seeing, no matter what technology is used to capture your mind’s eye.

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As a child I began posing pets and people in front of my camera with props and costumes to capture action and storyline. Dogs, guinea pigs, parakeets, friends and relatives all starred in my box-camera photographs. As time went by my equipment and experience advanced and eventually I turned my avocation into a career. I have been shooting professionally since 1972, handling all film formats from half-frame 35mm up to 8x10 view cameras.